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Broome County Department of Social Services (Government)

The Broome County Department of Social Services is charged with providing a broad range of social services to the residents of Broome County. Its mission is to provide effective and efficient assistance, services and care necessary to sustain dependent persons while promoting independence, self-sufficiency and dignity of the recipient. The agency has specialist units all working towards accomplishing this goal. The department of Social Services provide the Broome County residents with a lot of assistance such as food stamps, temporary assistance, obtaining health insurance, etc.
Physical Address:
3642 Main St
Binghamton, NY 13905

Mailing Address:

Thomas P. Hoke Human Services Center

36-42 Main Street
Binghamton, NY 13905-3199

Phone: (607) 778-8850


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Other Contacts:

Operator: (607) 778-8850Family Services Program: (607) 778-2620Adoption Services: (607) 778-2543Adult Protective Services: (607) 778-2635Case Integrity Unit: (607) 778-2519 Child Abuse/Neglect 24 Hour State Hotline
Toll Free-Dial ‘1’ & Then  (800) 342-3720 Child Protective Services: (607) 778-2647

Child Support For Assistance Recipients: (607) 778-2526

Child Support For Non-Recipients: (607) 778-6058

Day Care: (607) 778-2628

Employment Services: (607) 778-2633

Family Type Homes: (607) 778-2712




Food Stamps: (607) 778-3772Foster Parent Applications: (607) 778-2624Fuel Energy Assistance (HEAP): (607) 778-2638 Managed Care & Medical Services: (607) 778-2669
Or  (607) 778-2705 Medicaid: (607) 778-2604Medicaid-Nursing Home Unit: (607) 778-2793 Medical Transportation: (607) 778-2627
Or  (607) 778-2657
Or  (607) 778-2698

Volunteer Coordinator : (607) 778-2681

Self Sufficiency Center:

Broome Employment Center

171 Front Street, Binghamton 13905

Child Assistance Program (CAP): (607) 778-3075
Welfare-To-Work: (607) 778-8363



City of Binghamton Youth Bureau (Government)

The mission of the Binghamton City Youth Bureau is to enhance, promote and support opportunities and services for youth in the City of Binghamton through partnership and collaboration with the community. The youth bureau strongly advocates for youth development principles that engage all members of the youth’s environment.

Organization Contact

38 Hawley Street 4th Floor

Binghamton, NY 13902


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