Health Insurance

How Legal immigrants can obtain Health Insurance:

1. Create an account on:
2. Apply for Marketplace coverage
3. Pick a plan
4. Enroll

5 Ways to Apply for Health Insurance (2018)


How Illegal immigrants can obtain Health Insurance:

  • Emergency medical treatment from Medicaid
    • The term “Emergency Medical Condition” is defined as a medical condition (including emergency labor and delivery) that manifests itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity (including severe pain) such that the absence of immediate medical attention could reasonably be expected to result in:
      • Placing the patient’s health in serious jeopardy;
      • Serious impairment to bodily function; or
      • Serious dysfunction of any bodily organ or part.
    • Care and services related to an organ transplant procedure are not included in this definition.
    • Certain types of care provided to chronically ill persons are beyond the intent of the federal and State laws and are not considered “emergency services” for the purpose of payment by Medicaid. Such care includes:
      • Alternate level of care in a hospital
      • Nursing facility services, home care (including but not limited to personal care services, home health services and private duty nursing); and
      • Rehabilitation services (including physical, speech and occupational therapies).
  • Student Health Plan
  • Employer-based health insurance
  • Private health insurance
  • Community Health Centers
  • State-based health programs


DISCLAIMER: This guide was generated through the use of general public information. We do not provide health insurance counseling.