As an immigrant in a new country, settling down is often hard. Finding an apartment that will fit your needs is even harder. However, there are various resources that you can use in order to find yourself a place to live that will fit you.


  • Local Newspapers

i.e The press and sun bulletin

You can also search online. Searching for apartments can be easier online. However, make sure to thoroughly check out everything about the apartments before signing a lease or agreement for an apartment.


The Broome County Government is also a resource that you may reach out to in order to finding housing with special accomodations.


Type of Housing

When it comes to housing in Broome County, there are usually three options:

  • Apartment style housing – Typical multi story buildings with flats that include bed, bath and kitchen.
  • Private housing – Private home-owners rent out parts of the house or all of it. (Rent may or may not include utilities)
  • Roommates – Not everyone is able to afford to housing costs by themselves and it is more frugal to share the apartment with someone else. The most common way to find a roommate is your own connections or putting up advertisements in highly populated areas, such as bulletin boards in local organizations. You may even ask your landlord to help you find a roommate.